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Situated on the southern coast of England, in the fishing town of Littlehampton, in the county of West Sussex. We are a professional team of people working on both a personal and public level towards an aim of providing our local as well as the global community, with a healthy and a happy life, in mind, body, and soul. For 18 years now, good customer care and a professional friendly attitude have been paramount, in our work within this field.
As you navigate this site, you will find information on the services we provide as a business, an on line catalogue of some of the products we sell, a list of contact addresses for groups, therapists and centres. Which initially is Sussex based but is slowly growing to be country wide and in time we hope world wide. Lists of suggested publications, that cover a wide range of subjects within the New Age genre. A satire taking huge pot shots at the New Age and life in general and also a cartoon series that delves into the more thought provoking side of all things Aquarian in nature. Plus loads more so just give the front door of the shop a quick click and come in.

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